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Teacher Development - ICT

Илтгэсэн хурлын нэр: ICT in EDU, UNESCO

Илтгэгч:  Ч.Долгоржав

Хамтран илтгэгч: [Х.Тамир:TAMIR]

Илтгэсэн огноо: 2014-05-07

Илтгэлийн хураангуй: Activity of Teachers’ development is considered that it is required to coordinate a vital goal of Mongolia’s education and process modification in educational system depending on alteration of social & economic system, social volubility and new evaluation trend. Otherwise it is considered that human centered social motive power is Education. A goal of education has been fully- focused on individual who is educated, creative and formulated and there is technological innovation is being made for whole developments in educational system, procedure, methodology and technology fields. As well as it is required to direct the operations to orient and implement the operations to support state and private teaching organizations on the ways to discover, develop, transmit and naturalize the best of methodology, technology and experience which are being implemented in educational and teaching fields to teachers’ development directly to a Definite Policy. Directing the teachers to innovations and creating best methodology and technology by the result of the innovation; creating a proper system to distribute, discuss and learn those efficient methodologies and technologies and best experiences without losing time and destination is urgent issue. There is considered a policy issue to create and develop such system using by Information technology (ICТ) and teaching materials based on multimedia, to use more online teaching methods and facilities for entire of whole implementation than others and support it by technology in here.

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Илтгэл нэмсэн: Ч.Долгоржав