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хан аймгийн Луу гүний хошууний Тарва ченбуулин хийд

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“Tarva Chenbuulin” Monastery in Luu Gun khoshuu, Sain Noyon Khan aimag were starting to build in 1751. At this time, the Monastery was one of the biggest in Khalkh area which had functioned with 200 monks and constantly done Buddhist ceremonies including Tsam and Sor. Also, it was composed with 11 temples and a square for Tsam. Its temples and structures had a different style and design which was influenced by Mongolian – Tibetan style or Chinese – Tibetan style.

Luu Gun Khuree is one of the greatest historical, cultural and architectural heritages in Mongolia. Temple of Duinkhor, Makhranz Shrine and Luu Gun Seruun lavrans are the only three temples remained after the Great Purges in 1930`s. Its structure, color, symbolic patterns and unique decorations and design are one of the man made masterpiece that we inherited from our ancestors. For this reason, Mongolian Government will protect those three temples immediately and should repair and restore it by professional organizations. Also, three other remaining facility outside of the Monastery should return to the Monastery`s current authority. If our country could done this, we will save our nation`s another historical, cultural and religious heritage which could attracted and flocked by tourists and prayers.

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