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Chess is the one of the most innovative games in the world. The king in western chess is called Noyon in shatar and usually depicted by a prince seated on a throne. The queen is called Bers, meaning “snow panther”, may be depicted as a mythical lion, a tiger, a snow panther. The western bishop is called Teme, meaning two-humped camel and knight is a Mori, not surprisingly Mongolian word for horse. Teme and Mori are major animals of Mongolian 5 herd animals. But a great deal of creative features is given to depiction of the Mongol rook which is called Tereg, means “cart.” This piece may be represented by a horse or ox-drawn cart, a portable tent, a cart wheel, a karmic wheel, a truck or even an automobile. The pawn is Khu, meaning “child”, is always smaller than the other pieces, and it can look like just about anything such as small person or animal. Since the chess was introduced in Mongolia, shapes of chess pieces have changed and variety of variations did occur based on characteristically Mongolian nomadic life and civilization influences. Keywords: Mongolian chess, Shatar, nomad


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