Нэвтрэх хэсэг Нэвтрэх
Professional Social Work Education in Mongolia: Achievements, Lessons

Зохиогч:  Н.Оюут-Эрдэнэ

Хамтран зохиогч: Sugarmaa Myagmarjav,Denise Burnette

Үйл явц: Ишлэл татагдсан

Бүтээлийн товч тайлбар:

This article describes the development of professional social work and its education system in Mongolia since the country’s transition to a democratic, free-market society after the Soviet Union collapsed in 1990. The authors begin within an overview of the social and economic exigencies brought on by this historical transition in order to provide a context for understanding both universal rationales for introducing social work in a society and the distinctive character of the profession in Mongolia. They then discuss the developmental trajectory of the profession in four phases: pre-professional (before 1996); launching and